With a vast and endless amount of visual content always at our disposal, it can be hard to imagine where we sought inspiration before the internet. I remember when I opened my first flower shop in 1989 the only images my Brides had were from FTD or Teleflora books. Sure, we had magazines and some books but there was very little inspiration. They relied on us to paint the picture and execute every detail. Now with tools such as Pinterest, it may seem to be a saving grace as you begin the new and somewhat daunting task of designing a wedding or special event, but we offer some caveats to letting someone else’s ideas speak on your behalf.

Tips on how to use event inspiration responsibly.

Of course, this can sometimes be tough. But what’s better than bringing in a tablet or phone filled with pins? Bring an open mind, and some trust that your designer knows how to draw your style out of you, even if you don’t. After all, we do this every day and have been for over thirty years.

See, any good designer is going to pay attention to your details. We pay attention to your taste indicators such as style of dress and how you design your home. We also are mindful of your mannerisms and your style of speaking, the dynamics of you and your partner, how you first met, your hobbies, etc. For decor, if explaining your vision is hard then let’s talk about the types of fabric you like, art, textiles, fashion and interiors. This is a better place to start if you are considering custom designs. There is a lot to learn from these things.

The point. You can achieve a more curated styled event when you consider all the things you like, not just weddings you like, or centerpieces you like.

Which brings us to our next caveat…

The best designs happen through collaboration…not imitation.

Collaboration has allowed our company to become effective and well recognized event professionals, designers, managers and owners. Collaboration has nurtured our development as a company. Our business relies on the collaboration of key vendors and suppliers. Our event productions would not be realized without their unique talents, various skill sets and levels of experience and professionalism. Leading with “Vision” fosters a collaborative approach that considers all perspectives and possibilities that potentially may go unnoticed. Collaboration in the events industry is essential.

How does this help you the client? When clients bring their ideas, it’s up to us to unpack them, expand on them, and see where they can go. When clients bring photos they want replicated, it quite literally takes the fun out of it. We may want you to share some images so we can see what you have saved and we will be able to notice inspiration that you are may not be aware of, but we are not a paint by numbers company. If you’re coming to a place like Laurie Andrews Design, the best thing you can do is have trust in what we do and how we we work with our vendors.

The Point. Collaboration with your Event designer, is much like working with an architect. We are there to remind you to consider the whole picture and we bring in the contractors to build your dream home.

Speaking of the big picture, we reach our final caveat…

locking your ideas into one look and not considering the overall experience can prevent you from having something truly unique.

Locking yourself into an idea you find can be momentarily satisfying, but it may cause you to miss out on the luxury of having a seasoned design professional make your day as unique as it can be. When we work with you to design your event we have more than just the visuals to consider. Are your guests going to be comfortable, warm, cool? Are there to many people at table 19? Does that design effect how the caterer will be able to serve your guest? Can you see over or thru that centerpiece? Is the dance floor big enough? Will the lighting during the event create an effect that i will hate in all of my images? What will my guest take away from the experiences they had at my event?

These are all important questions we want you to be aware of. We believe your guest are just as important as the host and we want all to experience and event like no other.

We had one client who told us what ever we want except "No Pink" When she walked into the tent she was blown away. I think this image says it best.

Using the same tent at The Inn on Peaks, we had another client that we brought to tears. Happy tears! She trusted our vision and we nailed it!

The point of the post?

You just have to know who you are when you begin the design process. Know that the most beautiful, original things are created when great minds get together and they unfold right in front of us.

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