Farm House Chic Design

Sugar Molds and Dough Bowls are trending and we are stocking up on them in our store.

I love modern design and always will, but my favorite thing to do when designing is adding a rustic touch of wood to modern decor. It grounds a room and gives the warmth and texture that makes you feel cozy and comfortable.

Sugar Molds come in many sizes and colors. Start with a single mold and use it for a candle or flowers. If you are using a farm table you can line them up with both at different levels.

Just using a sugar mold as a candle holder makes a perfect gift or gifts warmth to any table.

Add vintage crocs with plants to a dough bowl for texture and conversation starters in any room.

Dough Bowls also make great vessels for DIY candle makers. Perfect gift solution for the holidays!

Come in to Laurie Andrews Design Store and shop our dough bowls and sugar molds for your holiday gift giving.