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The Laurie Andrews Design Experience

Laurie Andrews is one of the top wedding planners in New England. Her award-winning event planning business has been planning and designing events for over three decades. Laurie has been featured in multiple national blogs, newspapers and magazines. Laurie has experience planning and organizing events in New England, North Carolina, Hawaii and Colorado. Her fun and easy going personality and passion for perfection in her secret sauce. She will provide an experience like no other and will NOT disappoint. 

Our vendors would tell you that as event planners, we are incredibly detail-oriented, hard-working, honest and reliable and we are the best event planners that they work with because our events are bar-none. Our clients would tell you that their wedding or event reflected 100% who they are and their style. This is because, from the beginning of the event design process, we want to know who you are. What you desire. What speaks to your brand and personality, because our events are designed only with you in mind. 

Laurie andrews

Creative Director, Planner, Floral design 

Laurie has over a three decades of experience in floral design, event design and planning. Working from Maine to Hawaii with like minded creative individuals. She has maintained a great reputation and has strong connections in the Maine Wedding and Events industry as well as connections with the best wholesalers, venues and distributors in New England.


Melissa Wirth 

Event Designer & Wedding Planner

Melissa has owned and operated a Portland Flower shop for over a decade. Her designs are brilliant and her style impeccable. Planning events comes second nature to a business women that has been a part of the hospitality industry for so long. Her connections and love for what she does makes her a perfect match for vendors as well as clients. 

Meg-5746c (1).jpg


corporate SALES, wedding & event planner

Meg is a native of Maine and has planned events and weddings from twenty to five hundred guests for over fifteen years. 

Megs dedication, knowledge and experience makes her the perfect planner to partner with. Her smile and friendly approach to planning will keep you at ease and leave you feeling confident so you can enjoy your event. 





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