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Maine Wedding trends we are obsessed with for 2024.

Maine Wedding trends are constantly changing, but what will always remain timeless is creating a wedding that reflects your unique love story, style, and personality. At Laurie Andrews Design, we have already started working with our 2024 couples to plan and design their wedding day flowers and decor, and the year is looking very promising. While some trends from 2023 are carrying over into 2024, there are also new and exciting ones on the horizon. These include creating "wow" moments, serving fabulous menus, having patterned bridesmaids' gowns, using bold colors, implementing themed dress codes, and providing unique guest experiences with local vendors. As a Maine-based wedding planner and florist, I love seeing how our couples are incorporating them into their weddings.

A WOW moment or design for your Maine Wedding

At Laurie Andrews Design, we always advise our couples to incorporate a WOW moment into their wedding celebrations. This could be anything from an impressive floral display, a stunning chandelier like this 8' round by 6' long one we provided in the photo or a creative seating chart vignette. Having at least one standout element will ensure your guests have something memorable to talk about.

Emily Delameter Photography

Bold and colorful Maine Weddings

Bold and colorful floral arrangements are becoming increasingly popular among Laurie Andrews Designs couples. While white and green arrangements are timeless, vibrant and colorful florals can add personality and whimsy to any celebration. Color is a powerful tool that can elevate the mood of a space and bring it to life. As a result, many couples are moving away from traditional color palettes and experimenting with bolder hues. Earthy and organic wildflower-inspired hues, mustard yellows, warm dusty blues, desert sunset tones, peacock blue greens, and lilac-inspired palettes as well as corals and raspberry and blue-greens colors are among the popular choices for 2024 mood boards.

An intimate ceremony and wedding party

Don’t get me wrong, we are still seeing a strong trend towards large wedding parties. However, some couples are intentionally choosing ceremonies that are intimate and more focused on them and losing the large wedding parties. With only their besties and or family by their sides or no wedding party at all, couples are focusing on the real reason … LOVE! Try tying in some Laurie Andrews Design rental furniture for a more luxe feel. Couches, chairs & Ottomans | Maine Weddings (

Themed dress code

One of my favorite things is when couples provide a theme or dress code for their guests. If I could do it all over again, I would do this too. It's a unique way to create an experience for guests and it adds to the aesthetic of the day. It could be a color palette or a 70s-inspired disco attire, but with clear direction from the couple, guests can contribute to the overall vibe of the event. I always enjoy seeing how it all comes together in the photographs!

Themed Rehearsal Dinners

Consider adding a creative touch to your wedding festivities by hosting a themed rehearsal dinner. Since most of the guests are your closest family and friends, why not make the event more enjoyable and memorable? Many couples now use the rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to offer their guests a unique and personalized experience by choosing a specific theme that reflects their interests. For instance, if you have Italian heritage, you can wow your guests with an authentic pizzeria experience, complete with make-your-own pizzas. If you enjoy cozy nights in playing Clue, you can host a murder mystery dinner for an exciting and memorable experience. Or if you and your partner first met at a bowling alley, you can recreate that experience and have fun rolling strikes together!

Pattern & Mix Matched Bridesmaids Gowns

This trend is incredibly stylish and beautiful! It not only adds personality to the bridal style but also creates a unique look. The mixed and mismatched dress trend is fashion-forward and looks fabulous. Gone are the days when everything at a wedding had to match perfectly. Now, it's all about setting a tone, creating personality, and a mood that reflects your taste. And the best part? Your bridesmaids will love it!

Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography

Black and White Weddings

The black-and-white wedding trend continues to captivate couples’ hearts. Expect to see more and more renditions of this sophisticated and timeless color palette in the months to come. The images above were from Hillary and Jullian's wedding at the Cliff House in Cape Neddick, Maine. Classy look for a classy couple!

Monochromatic Flowers

someone is hearing us! I have been saying for years if you use all one color you fill a room faster visually! Flowers and weddings just go together and as a florist, we are so glad they do! You can't fight it. The 2024 wedding trend we can't get enough of is monochromatic blooms. Want a little variety? opt for shades of the same hue (light pink, magenta, deep red) for an ombre effect. Can't settle on one color? Group arrangements of the same color together to create a floral rainbow of sorts.

Epic entertainment and after-party

A growing trend among clients who aspire to craft a distinctive experience for their guests, particularly after sunset. These clients are gaining a heightened understanding of the elements that contribute to an extraordinary event and a truly epic party. They’re delving into the realm of transforming event spaces into exclusive private member’s clubs, integrating more diverse and talented entertainment during the evening reception, and strategically planning one or two standout moments to captivate and create a unique and memorable experience for their guests.

If you're marrying your high school or college sweetheart, enlist the help of your alma matter's marching band to pump up the crowd. This couple paid tribute to their grade school love story by doing just that, much to the delight of their guests.

Another musical element that differs from your average band or DJ? A mariachi group. The group's lively music will elevate the ambiance of any cocktail hour or reception.

The Takeaway for us.

Couples today are dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to plan their wedding day and make it a cherished memory for everyone involved. They are thoughtfully curating every aspect of their wedding day to reflect their unique personalities and showcase their love story. By incorporating their style and sensibilities, they are creating a day that is filled with unforgettable moments, stunning details, delicious food and drinks, and quality time spent with their loved ones.

If you're interested in planning a wedding that is both trendy and original, the team at Laurie Andrews Design can help you out. We are currently accepting bookings for 2024 and 2025 and would love to hear about your plans. Give us a call and let's start planning your dream wedding!


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