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Our Floral services

Laurie opened her first flower shop in 1989 and has been designing weddings ever since. Her unique style and trained eye for texture and composition is why her services are so well sought after. 

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We want to help you figure out your flower budget. It's ok not to know how much flowers cost. 

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You’re getting married- congratulations! After deciding your budget, setting a date and securing your dream venue, you are ready to start thinking about your wedding flowers! How soon should you get in touch with a Laurie Andrews Design? When do you pay? You may be wondering how it all works, so Laurie Andrews Design have set out a timeline so that you know exactly what to expect and when to start planning all things for your LA Design Wedding!

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Ready to start designing your upcoming wedding or event? We can set up a consultation in our Portland Showroom or set up call or zoom. Our pricing starts at $6000 with the average event spending $15,000 to $25,000. Ready to do this?

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