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Unique Spotlight on Portland Maine's Holiday Party scene at Ocean Gateway with and Laurie Andrews Design.

Updated: 4 days ago

The holiday season in Portland, Maine is always a magical time, with the streets adorned in twinkling lights and the air filled with the scent of pine and cinnamon. It is a time when the city came alive with festive spirit, and no place captured this ambiance better than Ocean Gateway. Perched on the water's edge with stunning views of the harbor,

Laurie Andrews Design has been creating her magic at Ocean Gateway for decades for her corporate clients. With her inventory and full production team, she offers planning and design like no other. Here you find her last two Holiday events that she planned and designed for a very special client.

As the snowflakes began to fall, Ocean Gateway transformed into a winter wonderland, adorned with festive decorations and the joyous sounds of music and laughter. This cocktail style party with plenty of lounge seating is perfect for mingling and moving about.

The allure of hosting a holiday event at Ocean Gateway is undeniable,

drawing people in with the promise of a stylish and memorable celebration.


Our New York Themed Event at Ocean Gateway

When our clients request a new theme each year, we embrace the challenge with enthusiasm. We have designed areas for street food, Little Italy, and China Street as our dynamic food stations. Accompanied by our expansive custom bar and lounge furniture, there is ample space to host 200 guests.

Take a look at the gobo lights Laurie placed on the floor! The custom bars featuring a New York scene and stainless-steel bar tops were an ideal match for this audience.

Annually, we are commissioned to create an expansive backdrop for photographs. The New York Skyline we produced this year was no exception to our standard of excellence.

Call and reserve Laurie and her team today for your next holiday party!

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