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Home Decorating trends to incorporate into your event.

Updated: May 1, 2023

Home decor trends for your wedding

When I meet with my clients to work with them on designing their event, we have to make very tough decisions. Some are due to budget restrictions and often we have no budget restrictions at all. Either way the one constant, budget restrictions or not, is that every space we design there needs to be statements pieces, experiences, good flow of space, texture and a conversation started. A new trend Interior Designers are using this year is called “Slow Decorating” and we are incorporating this new trend into our own events and our inventory that we are purchasing for this year.

Slow Decorating essentially is Purchasing with intention. When you purchase décor with intention you have a stronger connection to the item you bought. When you take your time and do not rush, it eliminates the pressure to get things completed quickly while also removing the push to determine a single decorating style. Take your time selecting your colors, your décor and PLEASE do not start buying décor on Esty and Pinterest because you think it is cute. I have had brides give me boxes of décor the day before the wedding and tell me just use it anywhere! OMG I can’t. I Just can’t in good conscious use some of the tacky items they thought were cute!

This trend of “slow decorating” should be used for Brides and wedding planners when designing an event. Find an expensive piece of décor or furniture that speaks to you, and you can see having in your home for years to come. Now that I can incorporate into your event. Have you ever seen images from a wedding or been to one and it looks like the couple purchased everything they saw on Pinterest and the venue looks like a yard sale!

You can alleviate any self-imposed pressure of trying to perfect a tent or venue space overnight by using this “slow decorating” method. Just like you home you should choose quality statement pieces for your event. Take your time, talk with your design team and make your event as cohesive as you can. I promise you that you will not regret it.

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